Portable speakers comparison - page 2

  • Anker SoundCore specifications JBL GO specifications

    Anker SoundCore vs JBL GO

    These wireless speakers are compact but they still can output rich and crisp sound. Both devices have speakers that cover a wide range of frequencies – from low to high ones. JBL used their technologies that helped achieve echo and noise cancelation, while Anker used a tuned digital signal processor that guarantees clear sound even at high volumes. If we compare JBL GO vs Anker SoundCore, we will see that they have some common features, like a reliable wireless module, or a special cons...
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  • Anker SoundCore specifications DOSS Touch specifications

    Anker SoundCore vs DOSS Touch

    Both models have two powerful drivers with bass that can cover a wide range of frequencies. Both models have a very reliable Bluetooth module 4.0, which may guarantee a high-speed reliable connection that is important for streaming audio content. These speakers also have an additional port to connect devices in a classical way, like MP3-players. However, if you need to choose what to buy – DOSS Touch or Anker SoundCore, then you should know the differences between these two models. ...
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