Computer speakers comparison

  • Logitech Z323 specifications Logitech Z313 specifications

    Logitech Z323 vs Z313

    The Z313 (model of the 2011 year) has a useful wired control pod with a headphone jack, while the Z323 (model of the 2009 year) isn’t complemented with such a feature. The Logitech Z323 vs Z313 comparison demonstrates that the Z313 doesn’t support the PlayStation/Xbox connection (unlike the Z323) and has ...
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  • Logitech Z623 specifications Logitech Z523 specifications

    Logitech Z623 vs Z523

    The Logitech Z523 vs Z623 test is the opportunity to compare two mid-level wired speaker systems with similar sound quality. The following information helps choose between the older but cheaper Logitech Z523 and five times a more powerful but costlier z623. Arti...
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  • Logitech Z623 specifications Logitech Z-2300 specifications

    Logitech Z623 vs Z-2300

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